A Place to Gather

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Socints? A Place for people to gather online.

How do you pronounce Socints? So-Kints.

What are Moderators? The creator of a Place is the default lead moderator and is always in full control of the Place. The creator has the option of adding additional moderators who will have some control over the Place. The additonal moderators can add and remove moderators (excluding the creator), delete comments, and the ability to "Pin" comments.

What does the "Pin" on comments do? When a comment is pinned it will always be on top as the first comment viewable. You can pin multiple comments.

What is the Activity feed on the Home page? It helps keep track of when new comments are added to Places you have joined or created.

What kind of Places are we not allowed to create? We do not allow adult, illegal, or other inappropriate content. Please use the "Flag" option if you see bad content.